Camps + Classes

Like the home design projects and farm to table recipes featured on Make+Haus? Wish we could hang out make stuff together? Me too. If you happen to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, we totally can. 

Classes + Camps, Coming Soon

“Paper And String” 
A crafting course featuring design projects made from simple materials including sculptural paper lanterns, string art, and plant holders.
4 sessions, Ages 8+

“Intro To Weaving” 
Learn how to build your own loom and make fiber art wall hangings. 
4 sessions, Ages 8+ 

“Indie Craft Party” 
One session per month, a new project for the home. 
1 session, Adults only 

“Farm to Table” 
Join me in my kitchen to learn some of my favorite ways to incorporate seasonal produce into everyday meals. Course includes sample menu plans and shopping lists. 
2 weekend sessions, Adults only 

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