Le Parker

If you've been reading this blog over the years then you know I have a fondness for The Parker in Palm Springs.  There's just something a little magical about it for me, as if Wes Anderson and Jonathan Adler got together and had a hotel. It's a place that is dedicated to the art of  lounging, decked out a bit like Megan Draper's Laurel Canyon home, a mix of boho textiles, mid century furnishings and amazing mood lighting. This past weekend I finally got to spend a few days on hotel grounds to really take it in when we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. The magic of The Parker is the way its cut into several different secret environments, paths lined with overgrown mimosa trees, palms and grasses carve out hidden passages to swaying fields of hammocks and circles of butterfly chairs. Inside it's cut into conversational spaces framed by hanging rattan seating and womb chair nooks. At night it is enchanted, lamp lit and mysterious. I took notes. Lots of notes.  We have our own groovy project to design, and an ever growing collection of vintage chairs, and lamps to weave into the mix.  Now if I could just get my hands on a wall hanging like this...

Look at all this lighting.  I'm such a sucker for a dimly lit room. Which reminds me of this hilarious essay by David Sedaris.

I'm also a sucker for this guy.  Happy Anniversary Adam Jennings, you handsome devil.