The Hen Party

Yesterday, I rolled out of bed at 4am, threw on my thigh high tube socks and met up with my Petaluma Mother Cluckers Running Group to make our way by ferry to San Francisco for Bay to Breakers, a costumed running party, 12K from downtown to Ocean Beach. We pinned on homemade tail feathers, donned matching sweatbands and HenHouse Brewing Company tees, and nested in a crowd scattered with nearly naked old men, tortillas flying through the air at the starting line, before making our way through neighborhood street parties and Golden Gate Park until reaching the finish line. 

I've let you in on my running woes, and what feels like a triumphant return to exercise.  I told myself I didn't need to run the whole darn thing, but I ended up running almost all of it with one of the Hens(about 10K)including the dreaded Hayes Hill and I finished in a sprint! Here are my hens, I couldn't have done it without them...

Bum, Heidi Ho, Dizzy, Luscious, Mon, Mags, Jules, and me (Bomb) enjoying pre-run margaritas.