What's Really Going On

I haven't been posting a lot lately, because we've been going through some stuff...good and bad.  For several months, my little guy, Wylie, has been complaining of headaches. Totally disturbing, right? We were forced to schedule an MRI, something that required him to be completely anesthetized, in order to find out if something was up with his brain. We had to take an early morning trip back to Oakland to have him put under for the scan.  It is not really all that fun watching your child with tubes up his nose, completely knocked out. The procedure went well, and much to our relief, about 10 minutes into our post-MRI ice cream party at Fenton's, his doctor called to tell us that the radiologist found no brain abnormalities. This doesn't explain the headaches, but I'll take it. As you can imagine, I've been operating at a high stress level. I got sick. Really sick. I'm still on really powerful antibiotics to treat a double ear infection brought on by a bad cold. I just haven't had the time to produce new project based content for Poppy Haus for the past few weeks, and I'm feeling a little melancholy about that.

There's something else, something I've debated about even sharing at this point, so as not to jinx it. We just made an offer on a house, and holy crap the offer was accepted.  This is something that we were pretty sure was never ever going to happen for us. We live in the Bay Area, where we've always been pretty much priced out of the market, even here in Petaluma. If all goes according to plan, we'll soon be the proud owners of a small,1968 split level ranch with a big old yard for our boys to run wild. It will need so much work done to make it right, but I've been waiting for this opportunity since, well, since forever. Keep your fingers crossed for me.