The Move- Part 1

I feel like we just did this. A couple of days ago I crept up into the attic and dragged out the moving boxes. As just about everything is approved and signed off on, and we are set to close next week, I have to accept that we need to pack it up and move again.  Believe me, I am overjoyed that we are finally going to be landowners, but packing up a home for the second time in less than two years isn't exactly a party, especially because we really moved into this place, filling every nook and cranny with our things.  Extricating ourselves will be a big project.  I'm starting with the front and moving my way back. It seems that I have acquired a few chairs since we moved here...

And a lot of brass and white ceramic vessels, and animals figurines? And ferns...and rattan... It's like the early 70's in this house. I just need to invest in a macrame wall hanging (don't think I don't want one). Fortunately the new place is of the era.

And I just made so much (big) stuff...I don't know what I'm going to do with all of it. Curses. No more gold spray paint! Coming soon, the before pictures of the new place. It's going to get quite the makeover. Until then... bubble wrap.