My Happy Place

Light and Plants // poppy haus
Light and Plants // poppy haus

From the outside, our house looks smallish, and sort of unassuming. We tromp up and down the front porch, stuff falling out of backpacks, laughing, bickering, shuffling to and from the car. This is what it's like from the outside. When you walk through the front door you find yourself in a light-filled space, dotted with big green plants, design books, and little objects, both found and made, placed willy-nilly on the built-ins and the coffee table. This is my space. It's where my most cherished possession, my grandparent's dining room table, resides and it's where I write and photograph for this blog.  Beyond that is our home...the kitchen, the family room, the spill of toys and constant chatter; a Swedish inspired happy explosion. I love both spaces, each is an expression of my style, and while they work together, they are not the same. I feel lucky to have a quiet retreat in my own home. 

With this idea of retreat, and rooms of comfort and meaning, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite resources for vintage accessories. Deluxe is a small, beautifully curated collection from Southern California based interior designer, Becky Golino. She has recently relaunched her online shop with some amazing finds like mid century wall sculpture, rattan accents, lighting, and brass birds.  I'm gaga over the vintage patina on the bird candelabra that made it's way to my home last week. I think a room is so much more special when it has a few objects of meaning that can't be found in a catalog. Some of my favorite things are from small shops, flea markets, and thrift stores. It's something I need to remind myself of whenever I get restless for new things.

On that note, I'll leave you with Becky's dreamy, well-put description of her shop, which I hope you'll check out soon. Just promise me you won't buy all the birds. I'm obsessed...

I have certain possessions, my treasures, that make me happy whenever I look at them. They have various origins, but what they have in common is uniqueness, beauty and the ability to evoke a sense of delight. Deluxe provides a mix of vintage and new home furnishings and accessories, curated with an eye for these qualities. I search far and wide for hidden gems, and share my best finds with the world. I'd like Deluxe to be your first stop when shopping for something extra special to make your home your happy place.