Alexander Calder

Here's a cool thing that happened to me...When I got home from Alt Summit there was a package with my name on it sitting on the dining room table. When I opened it I found this happy, beautiful pop-up book called Alexander Calder: Meet the Artist with a hand written note from Princeton Architectural Press that said that it was coming out this February and they thought I might be like it. They got me. I love this guy. If you have a little artist at home, they will love learning about Calder.  He was just a big kid himself, making colorful art for art's sake.  I'm totally inspired to start working on Calder projects now. Enjoy the show!

Here are some fun facts about Calder that I learned from the book:

*His favorite color was red (me too!)

*His friends and relatives called him "Sandy"

*He loved making sculptures with random objects like corks, cans, coat hangers, and clothespins.  

*He was most famous for his invention of mobiles: Sculptures in motion

But I will always love his crazy circus most of all...