A Little Something

I will be headed on the first plane out of Oakland tomorrow morning to join in on the festivities at Alt Summit in Salt Lake City.  This will be my second time at the conference, and I get to go with Blurb, so I'm feeling pretty calm considering I don't know anyone really all that well.  I found the right dress to wear to the "Green" party, I've got my outfits packed, my seminars picked out (this will be the year of video!) and I finally seem to have kicked my wicked stomach bug.  After I hit the publish button on my last post, I stood up, got super sick, and went to bed for 20 hours.  I didn't know if I'd be able to get this one last thing done, but sitting and painting is actually really relaxing. Along with my business cards, I will also be handing out these little painted birch magnets as little takeaway to remember my blog by. I wanted to do something that would relate to my new book, which features projects that re-imagine simple materials into something useful and pretty.  To make your own follow the tutorial below. See you at Alt?  Come say hi! My name is Heather, and  I look like the silly girl up top without the paper crown and glasses.  

Painted Birch Magnets

Materials: Pre-cut birch pieces (Michaels, size Medium), 1/2" round magnets, acrylic paint, gold leaf paint, fine tip paint brushes, hot glue.

Step 1. Remove rough outer peel of of bark.  Clean 'em up. 

Step 2: carefully apply paint to the more attractive side of a birch piece. Start by making a ring around the outside, then filling in.

Step 3: After they have dried completely you can apply the magnet to the center of the back side, using a dollop of hot glue, pressing firmly for 10 seconds.