Birch Log Fire Light

Birch Log Candle DIY // Poppy Haus
Birch Log Candle DIY // Poppy Haus

While doing display work for Anthropologie, my favorite projects involve chopping and drilling wood, which I seem to be doing quite often for holiday installations. I'm really getting into using power tools- you can do so much with just a few pieces of equipment. Motivated to try it at home, I designed this birch log candle project for my Thanksgiving table. You can find birch logs in packs of 3 at Michael's for about $20. Clustered on a table they create beautiful, ambient fire light, especially perfect for winter time...


Birch logs

Tea lights

Power drill with 1 1/2" bit



Tape (for marking the bit)

Find the best, natural position for the log to rest, and mark evenly spaced 1 1/2" slots for the candles. Mark the bit to the depth of the candle.  Holding the log steady with one hand, bore holes with the drill keeping constant, firm pressure, until the bit reaches the line of tape. Reverse twist, brush off the dust and insert tea lights.