Be Well

Leading up to every major family gathering, someone in our immediate family gets wicked sick. It's a fact. There was the great summer flu of 2010, where we wiped out the entire family while on vacation in Pajaro Dunes. We had already established ourselves as Typhoid Mary the Thanksgiving prior when my nephew Luke was born, and we promptly dismantled the family including the new baby with a preschool acquired tummy bug.  Last year when we hosted Christmas, my husband and I passed a doozy of a stomach flu onto the family, sidelining my sister-in-law Stacey from New Years festivities.  For a family that rarely gets sick, we sure choose to do so at the worst times.  So this last week we were not all that surprised when Wylie spiked a fever and evacuated from every orifice the day before Thanksgiving, the dinner we were to be hosting. The whole family decided to come anyway, and we're still waiting to find out who we've knocked down. Jasper came down with it on Saturday, and is just now feeling better. 

I think it's time to cleanse. Wylie and I worked on a magic potion together today and we think it's just what's needed to make us well. We named it Christmas Juice after it's pretty holiday ingredients. It's made with cranberries, astringent and excellent for cleansing the kidneys and liver, sweet ripe pears rich in fiber and Vitamin C, Antioxidant powerhouse kale and tummy-soothing ginger. The juice was delicious, our little Typhoid Mary drank his entire 4oz serving in a matter of seconds.  He even tried a few raw cranberries on their own (so tart!) and liked them. Here's to our health!

Christmas Juice

3-4 4oz servings

1 cup cranberries

2 ripe pears

2 tbsp fresh ginger

1/2 bunch kale

Here's the juicer we love