Entry Level

Three days a week, I make the trip to Marin County for my dream job. I work in a cramped art room, painting in an alley, atop high ladders, doing visual display for Anthropologie. I was lucky enough to win the opportunity, a revamp of their internship program that allows me to own whole projects, due in some part to the work that I've done on Poppy Haus, which makes me so happy. Today I am sharing my first completed installation "Baubles" one of the centerpieces of the holiday narrative that Anthropologie created for their stores this year. My baubles are the first major installation that you see when you walk into the store. I made them from a thick stack of laser-cut chipboard, wooden beads, wire, thread, rope, paint, silver leaf, and faux snow, most of which is glued to my hands when I speed home to pick up the kids from school. Stay tuned for more of my Anthropologie projects and my favorite picks from their dreamy new holiday collection. xo, Heather