The Trapeze Planter

Plants are trendy right now, I'm just saying. Inspired by the current interiors of Anthropologie, the amazing San Francisco oddity Paxton Gate and this recent tutorial from Emily Henderson, I've been trying to incorporate more houseplants as decor into our front room.  The space is flooded with natural light, just perfect for green plants and my brown thumb. Today's DIY was a freebie for me; we had all the materials lying around, including these small coconut fiber pots- meant for planting directly into the ground.  As succulents and cacti don't require much watering, you can use these containers as decorative pots for indoor use, just remember they will break down if they are kept damp.  I fashioned this trapeze style planter using one of Wylie's many park sticks, some black and white baker's twine, some fishing wire and a paper punch.  It's pretty self explanatory.  Wrap twine around each end of the stick, tie off and hang; I used push pins because it was so light. Plant the succulents. Punch at either end of the pot, string fishing line through the holes, and tie ends together around the stick.

I got my hands on a fiddle leaf fig (background shot), and some lush ferns - in case you didn't know, these plants are the hot new (prehistoric)plants. Once I get everything planted in fabulous containers I'll do a little botanical reveal for you. xo, Heather