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Dream Catcher // Poppy Haus
Dream Catcher // Poppy Haus

I am on a real wooden bead kick.  My husband thinks this latest iteration really showcases my New Age, hippie side.  Jasper sat with me while I worked and chatted while tackling his new Lego kit.  Yesterday was his 7th birthday.  I remember 7.  I have memories prior to being 7, but they are flash bulb moments rather than a memory of the time.  We talked about what he could remember of his short life. He could remember is 5th birthday, but not his 4th. He remembered his Grandma taking him to the hospital to meet Wylie. He remembered stepping in a wasps nest before he started kindergarten, but he could not remember a single experience at preschool, though he remembered the names and faces of all of his teachers. I love talking to this kid. This week we retold him the story of the day he was born, it's a funny story. We decided to share bits of our conversation and our pictures with you today, along with a tutorial for my MGMT dream catcher at the end. You'll see it in the boys room tour next week... 

Dream Catcher // Poppy Haus
Dream Catcher // Poppy Haus

Jasper: Mom, how big was I when I was born?

Mom: You were 6lbs,10oz, and 20 inches long, your head fit in the palm of my hand. 

Jasper: Was I bigger than Wylie?

Mom: Nope, your brother was bigger than you.  Do you think he's going to be bigger than you when you grow up?

Jasper: Maybe, but


going to be be the biggest


Mom: Do you want to hear the story of the day you were born? 

Jasper: Totally dude

Mom: We had just moved from our little place in Berkeley to live in a house in Piedmont (fancy Oakland) with your Uncle Ben.  All of his roommates had moved out so we could move in. I woke up the day after the move and I just knew you were coming. I woke your dad up and he was so excited.  There were boxes everywhere, nothing was unpacked, I sat on a yoga ball and bounced up and down and told daddy where to put stuff.  I called Aunt Carrie to tell her that you were coming and she was so excited that she started crying and left work and came over.  It was a party.  Then the cable guy came, and the roommates who were moving out, all the while I was bouncing on the ball...Later that night we drove really fast to the hospital and 15 minutes later, you were born. 8:37pm.

Jasper: Seriously (stretched out, monotone) 

Mom: Yup.

Mom: Do you remember that house?

Jasper: Kind of, not really, actually no.

Mom: You used to ride around that house in your walker going 90 miles an hour. Ben had his own space in the back of the house and you'd ride into his room and wave at him and say "hiyeee Bien". You loved to play with his guitars and chat with your three or four words.

Jasper: How old was I when we moved to Montclair (woodsy Oakland)?

Mom: You were just about to turn 2.  We


move in June. Uncle Ben and Aunt Stacey were going to get married so we decided to live by ourselves in our little house on the hill. Do you remember that place?

Jasper: Yessss.  Mom can you help me with my Legos?

How to make a Dream Catcher

You will need:

Embroidery Hoop

Thin twine

Wooden Beads

Decorative Feathers


Hot glue gun

To assemble, remove the exterior of the hoop.  Knot the twine around the hoop and wrap the twine tightly around until you create a web, tie off tightly, knot and trip end. 

To make the bead strands, thread twin through a bead, loop over and back through, pull tight, and repeat.  Leave a about 4 inches of twine at the bottom of the strand, attach to the hoop with another knot. 

Use a hot glue gun to attach the feathers, and trim the twine.  You're ready to catch those dreams.