I made this for you

Last weekend we sold our car, the last vintage of Toyota Corolla to have a tape player. Adam had to pull his Van Halen "1986" tape from the deck before handing over the keys.  I remember my first ghetto blaster.  I loved to lay on my belly and record the radio.  Occasionally it would eat the tape and I'd have to rewind it with a pencil.  Over the years I have made a million mix tapes. I still have so many of them, some from friends, some from boys. A mix tape won me my last boyfriend.  It's true. There is something so much more permanent about a mix tape than a playlist on Spotify.  I love picking out the songs so they are just right together, a mix of old and new, with a perfect ending. You can send secret messages. I originally conceived of this post for a Father's Day idea, but I'm making this one for Adam for our anniversary next week.  Since his fancy new Prius doesn't have a tape player I made him this instead.