The Long Weekend

We've had one extra boy in tow all weekend.  My nephew Luke came for a visit while his parents are away at a wedding in North Carolina.  The only difference between having two boys and three is that the volume goes up. I think boys are pretty easy to entertain, you nudge them outside and let them go for it, feed them copious amounts of pork products, and scrub their dirty feet at the end of the day. My bathroom is something special right now.  We'll miss our little Lukie when they come pick him up later today.

So the school year is coming to an end this week. Jasper really loved first grade in our new town.  He made a ton of friends, and he's reading like a champ! I'm looking forward to this summer with my big guy. Wylie will continue with preschool, which makes him super happy, so Jasper and I will have a lot of special time to spend together. We are going to be collaborating a lot with the blog over the next couple of months as I add some video content, and for the month of June he's going to art direct a couple of posts! Can't wait to see what that looks like. xo, Heather