Screen Test

I have a lot of irons in the fire right is wrapping up (I can read blueprints!), I'm working on a new design for the site to launch sometime this summer, and I'm beginning a new video project for Poppy Haus that will occasionally put me on the other side of the camera.  It's this last bit that has me contemplating things.  Are you comfortable in your own skin? I'll admit it, when it comes to pictures I'm my own worst critic. I've talked about this before.  I took a little practice video of Wylie and I hanging out together to test out a video app and see how I looked on camera, and it took a few tries for me to really see myself objectively and realize that I didn't look that bad. I was so distracted by the little things that I'm pretty sure no one else can see. Video is funny because you see yourself talking, which looks incredibly weird. It's not like looking in the mirror, you get to see what everyone else sees all the time. I really need to get over myself, because I have a some fun ideas to share, so to conquer my fear of the camera, and for your viewing pleasure, I give you "Heather and Wylie Talk Animals", a completely unedited, grainy picture with no plot. Enjoy!