Criss Cross

I tried my hand at potato printing on fabric this week.  Have you ever done this before? To make a stamp all you need is a potato (any kind will do) and an X-acto knife. I decided to make my own textile print, but you can use a potato stamp to print on paper as well. All you have to do is trace a design onto the potato and cut it away from the detail about 1/4" deep.  I found it helpful to cut a pattern from colored paper which I applied it to the surface of the potato (held in place by the moisture). I traced the pattern with my knife, and cut it at 1/4" deep, then cut away from the design in thin slices. I also used a brayer to roll the paint onto the stamp, but you could dip into a thin coating on a flat surface. Use the appropriate paint for your application, I used textile paint on heavy cotton.  Now, what to do with it?