Do Gooder

So here's a sad story with a happy ending. It's about a mom who faced the scariest thing a mom can face.  It's also about doing something good. 

Last week I was contacted by Chelsea Carver, the co-founder of the flash-sale site P.S. I Adore You. It turns out that in the summer of 2010 Chelsea found out that her 4-year-old daughter, Cami had leukemia. The Doctor’s told Chelsea that Cami had a very good chance of surviving, but she would have a significant battle on her hands. After 3 years, with many ups and downs, she is now off treatment and officially cancer-free. Pheww. 

In response to her experience, when Chelsea co-founded P.S. I Adore You, a curated indie flash-sale site, giving to childhood cancer research and family outreach became part of their business model. Read more about this on their blog

When Hello Apparel found out about the cause, they decided to take get involved, designing this cute tee with a gold emblem representing childhood cancer. Together P.S. I Adore You and Hello Apparel are donating $6 for every shirt sold from February 18th- February 22nd at Funds raised will be given to SLC CureSearch.  As great as that all sounds, I'm cautious about endorsing a charity I'm not familiar with, so I did a little research on CureSearch, formally known as National Childhood Cancer Foundation. They are a well-rated childhood cancer charity, that raises money for clinical trials and provides family outreach and education. 

I thought this was pretty radical, so I decided to share this story with you today. 

xo, Heather