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Two Tarts - Baked Eggs with Proscuitto and Gruyere

For me, the hardest thing to get a pretty picture of is food.  The raw components can be off putting, and lighting and styling food when I'm actually preparing it is no easy feat, especially because that's usually after dark.  I guess that's why I don't write a food blog. As a capable home cook, I do appreciate beautifully shot food blogs as a resource for new ideas and techniques. A tablet on the counter sometimes replaces my need for clunky cookbooks, making it easier to scroll between recipes when I'm working on a complete meal.  I can also carry recipes with me to the store by way of my phone.  My new favorite food blog is Two Tarts. A collaboration between two Colorado foodie friends named Dulcie and Sarah. They have amassed a collection of recipes for food and drink, with a focus on seasonal fare and components, like syrups, sauces, and pie crust. I'll be testing their Baked Eggs recipe when I host our now semi-regular ladies invitational next month. Here are some more pretty food blogs to explore if home cooking is your thing...



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