Beside Myself

I have been working on our new master bedroom in fits and spurts for the last 3 months. As it is a place to retreat at night, I sometimes forget to do much more than make the bed when I wake up, before heading out into the living space of our home.  A while back I found some campaign chests at a thrift store that were in good structural condition, but lacking in any personality (scraped faded black factory paint).  I'd been looking for large bedside tables with storage, as our room is cavernous with vaulted ceilings and more square footage than all of the bedrooms in our previous home combined.  I'm a small house kind of girl, so our expansion has thrown me for a loop.  After considerable hemming and hawing about whether to purchase them (they were a deal) and what color to paint them, I pulled the trigger, choosing a Benjamin Moore's Graystone, with just a bit more green in it than the wall color, Sparrow, and in the same hue as our pale gray bedding.  Now that they are all finished I am wondering what took me so long.