Well Dressed

I love to look at images of beautiful packaging, but rarely do I actually have the time to wrap each gift uniquely, let alone with Martha Stewart perfection, plus nice packaging is really expensive!  Keeping it simple, and understated is my trick to making presents look special.  This year I will be wrapping my gifts with craft paper and I'm employing an old kindergarten trick of writing with school glue and sprinkling with old fashioned glitter which adds pizzaz and takes the place of a gift tag. Craft paper is so versatile. You can use it year round, switching out the embellishment to suit the occasion.  I've spent about $15 on wrapping supplies this year, including tape, colored yarn and glitter. I've been using the same sturdy gift bags for 3 years (IKEA), and I'm using trimmings from the tree to make festive accents.