The Woodsies

Every year I like to give all of the kids in our extended family  a new ornament.  Being that they are all boys, and boys sometimes need a little sentimentality provided for them, the idea is that when they grow up, their parents will hand 'em over, and they will put them on their own tree with their families, and have a sweet memory of cousins and Christmas. This year I'm doing woodland critters, because all of the boys are nuts for animals. Here's a tutorial for making a felt fox.  The concept is very simple, and easy to make if you have basic sewing skills, which I do. To make a fox cut out, think of a heart, with the rounded tops cut down the middle.  Materials include: craft felt, stuffing and tacky glue.  Trace the shape onto a piece of paper, cut out two pieces of felt for front and back.  Cut out and glue down the features (I added the eyes and nose after I sewed down).  Face the outsides in and sew all around leaving a space open at the top of the head.  Stuff and hand stitch close.  Sew a hanging loop at the top and you're all set!