All That Glitters

So, a funny thing happened.  I was updating my Pinterest boards and stumbled upon a project

that as it turns out, I have had sort of half-finished for a few weeks.  Their tutorial was fabulous, and it's definitely going viral. As it's pretty much exactly the same design, and tutorial that I had photographed to post I can't help but feel disappointed. 

Does it make my balsa wood modernist Christmas trees any less relevant?  I feel very silly for even saying that.  

So what the heck, I'll share anyway. Here are two simple projects to add a little minimalist sparkle to your Christmas decor. I have a few sets of wooden slat trees that I put out at Christmas (and sometimes leave out all year).  The way they work is quite simple.  See below:

To make them, cut out a tree stencil from some card stock.  Using thin balsa wood, a ruler, and an X-acto knife, cut out the tree shape (x3).  Cut a slit up the bottom of one, about 2mm wide, at the center, about 2/3 way up the tree.  Cut a slit at the top of another, with the same width and depth.  Cut a third tree, 1/3 from the top and 1/3 from the bottom.  Paint one of the panels with clear glue, then coat with old fashioned glitter.  Allow to dry, then coat the other side.  

The next project is a painted glass bulb.  I use blush colored acrylic paint to secure the glitter, which makes it quite pretty looking in through the glass.  Tutorial below: