Moon Mountain

Norway  Spruce
Norway Spruce

Atop Moon Mountain in Sonoma there is a tree farm that we have visited for the last two years in an attempt to cultivate a little family tradition. It's incredibly beautiful up there...the grapevines on the surrounding hills are a wash of fall colors. Our favorite tree is the Norway Spruce, a traditional Christmas tree in Europe.  I like it because it has a full shape, with soft, spaced out branches. Because we got it a month before the big day, it will sit unadorned in water to acclimate to the great indoors.  Jasper is so excited for Christmas that he has already decorated the boys room with cast-off lights, nutcrackers and a miniature tinsel tree.  He's a more-is-more kind of guy.

This week I'll be doing a paper tree skirt project and a feature on those thrift store campaign chests I refinished. Have a happy Cyber Monday- don't forget to visit Etsy ! There are lots of specials being offered by the independent design community today.

Kids Christmas Decor
Kids Christmas Decor