Together We Are Giant

Hope you had a great weekend.  Ours was busy, as we hopped from one youngling party to the next. Yesterday we hosted our annual pumpkin carving party here in Petaluma. Picture a packed house full of screaming little children smuggling cookies with some pumpkin carving on the side. We capped it all off with a party of 3 in my family room, which ended in a fit of excitement when our San Francisco Giants won the World Series.  Jasper has become quite the baseball nut, and we let him stay up well past his bedtime to watch what we all suspected would be the final game of the long season.  He got the go ahead to throw a cauldron of popcorn in the air to celebrate.  It was better than champagne.

This week I'll be burning the midnight oil sewing furry costumes among other things, and I won't have a ton of time to write or even make dinner, so I'll be doing a lot of simple slow cooker recipes.  With 15 minutes of prep into the crock pot, they make your house smell amazing at the end of a long day. Stay tuned, I'll be sharing a few throughout the week.