The Youth Vote

In 1984, when I was 6 years old, my dad had the talk with me.  No, not that talk you weirdo, the one about elections and politics. It was the summer of Reagan's big re-election campaign and "It's Morning In America" was all over the airwaves (written and narrated by my future boss Hal Riney). It was my first election cycle, and I had lots of questions.  Fast forward to 2012 and I'm finding myself having the same conversation with my own 6 year old.  While he's not sitting and watching the debates, he is exposed to the occasional attack ad, and parental grumbling about their opposition candidate.  I struggle to find the best way to teach him about elections, party platforms, and the bigger questions like "why don't you like that guy".  I try to edit myself to give him  more neutral answers to his questions, keeping it factual and saying things like "I feel" or "I believe", rather than presenting my opinions as fact. I wish there was a book for know like for the other "talk".  For everything else having to do with this year's election check out  Download their beautiful workbook for your school aged kids to register to vote, make campaign posters, even do a redesign of white house spaces.  I especially appreciate the page dedicated to negative and positive rhetoric.  It reminds me to keep it nice myself.