Coffee Talk

Every year I give photographs to our family for Christmas in the form of photobooks, calendars, sometimes even in a frame.  Pictures are the best gift for my grandmother who has everything, and for my parents who want nothing more than pictures of their grandchildren. It's a gift that seems both thoughtful and personal. As my obsession with Instagram deepens (did you see that crazy picture of Wylie?) I have a whole series of pictures to give this year, and I think I've found the perfect format: a coaster.

Coastergram is a new service that lets you create water resistant, cork backed drink coasters from your Instagram photos. You simply launch your Instagram feed through their site and select the photos you'd like to coaster. I like the idea of having a little story laid out on a coffee table. They would also make a super cool wedding favor, birthday present or housewarming gift.

$4.95 each with a 4 piece minimum.