Talk Soup

Last Halloweentime we hosted a little pumpkin carving party at our house and made a pumpkin soup that knocked everyone's sock off (perhaps it was the truffle oil floated on each serving).  We're reprising the soup this year for our new school friends and their families, which might have me chopping up 25 pumpkins to feed everyone. That's a lot of pumpkins. Here's the the recipe...

Curried Pumpkin Soup

serves 4 generous portions

1 medium sugar pumpkin

1 yellow onion

3 tbsp olive oil

8 cups

chicken stock

3 tbsp sliced ginger

3 tbsp ground nutmeg

2 tbsp curry 

1 tsp white pepper

Salt to taste

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Chop pumpkin into 3 inch pieces, chop yellow onion into wedges, and drizzle with olive oil on a sheet pan.  Roast until soft, about 25 minutes.

While the pumpkin is roasting, bring stock and ginger to a boil, reduce to a simmer, cover.

Once cool enough to touch, scoop pumpkin flesh from rind into the stock, add roasted onions, allow to simmer until very soft, about 10 minutes.  Using a immersion blender, puree until fairly smooth (I prefer it to have a little grit).  Add nutmeg, curry, pepper, and salt, simmer for another 20 minutes to build flavor.

I serve the soup with a dollop of Greek yogurt or when being extra decadent, a teaspoon float of truffle oil, and lots of crusty bread.