DIY Friday: Rag Rug Pillow

rag rug pillow
rag rug pillow

I'm trying to incorporate some more "flea market" pieces into my home, but this is a tough proposition for me, being kind of a modernist at heart.  If the lines are clean, I can do it.  I found these rag rug placemats at Anthropologie for $8 a piece. They also carry a metallic Moroccan version that could be very sophisticated. For a floor pillow version use 2x3 rugs and a standard pillow for an instert. In about 45 minutes I had a colorful, textural statement pillow.  This project is hand stitched, so anyone with a needle and thread can do this.  Happy Weekend! Tutorial below...


Gather your materials:

2 rag rug placemats

1 12x16 pillow insert 

Binder clamps

Needle and thread (I used thick white cotton thread)

Clamp the mats together with the outside facing in.  I used clamps, because the rugs were far to thick to use a straight pin.  Stitch  the length of one side and then the other, removing the clamps as your reach them, leaving the fringed ends open.  Turn the case right side out.

Insert the pillow.  I had to wrap extra batting around mine to fill the interior, because my insert was a little skimpy.  When you purchase a 12X16, make sure it's fluffy, or pick up a little blanket batting to wrap yours as well. Clamp on end of the pillow on one side to hold the pillow in place.  Stitch the ends together taking care to keep the tassels on the outside.

Once both ends are stitched, fluff and straighten the tassels. Your all set to lounge.  While sturdy, the pillow is also comfy.