Sometimes I am a glorified lunch lady. I feel for them, I really do. On most days, my 1st grader's sandwich returns home smashed back into it's container, mostly intact, baby carrots dried up, an apple with one bite out of it, pretzels crushed into a powder. I am told that there just wasn't enough time to eat it, but I know this cannot possibly true. I make a mean sandwich, I assure you... So I'm trying something new. Both of my boys love sushi, as do a lot of kids these days.  I've tried sending it for lunch in the past, but it gets pretty banged up and half of it comes home uneaten; I also get a little worried about raw fish in a lunchbox. So I was very excited when I found this recipe for hand ball sushi (Temarizushi) in a regional food magazine called Edible.  The golf ball sized rolls are packed tightly in plastic wrap, keeping them firm and easy to eat.  For Jasper's school version I used smoked salmon, avocado and nori squares (detail created with a hole punch) with sticky rice.  Both kids had the hand rolls today and I'm happy to report that the lunch box returned home empty. Quick tutorial below...

Make a batch of sticky rice (recipes abound) I use 1 cup short grain white rice with 2 cups water, bring to a boil, cover and simmer for 20 minutes. To give it the sushi punch mix a tbsp of rice wine vinegar with a tsp of sugar, stir and combine with cooked rice.  Once it's cooled to room temperature, make golf ball sized portions (use a little water on your hands to prevent sticking.  Cut Nori into squares, add detail with a punch. Apply thin slices of avocado and/or smoked fish (or whatever you like that day).  Wet the nori squares, place on the balls and cover them in plastic wrap, pulling taught and securing the end into knots.  Refrigerate, and serve for up to 3 days (raw should be eaten that day).

Recipe idea by Jennifer Carden for Edible Marin & Wine Country.