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How to remove wallpaper
How to remove wallpaper

Removing wallpaper is totally fun!  No, actually it's not; it's tedious, dusty and gives you a crazy shoulder workout.  I listened to about 100 back episodes of Radiolab and This American Life on Sunday and got about 1/4 of the bathroom stripped. Should you ever need to do this yourself, here's an overview:

1. Cover your hair, consider wearing a work mask.  It's messy.

2. Score the paper using a rolling wallpaper remover, taking care not to press the spikes into the wall.

3. Mix a solution of fabric softner and water and spray the wall generously.

4. Let the solution sink in and use a wide scraper to slough the sheets off. 

5. Go back through with a scrub sponge to remove residual paper backing and residue.

In some cases the wallpaper is really stuck on there (this happened to us a lot at the seams). Re-wet and let it sit, it should come off with a little brut force.