DIY FRIDAYS: Heather's Feathers

My first book was called "Heather's Feathers".  It was about an overachieving bird in a first grade class full of animals named things like Patty Pig and Robbie Rabbit.  The animals were all losing their teeth and getting presents from the Tooth Fairy, but Heather, who had no teeth, was not.  She was pretty upset due to her competitive nature, and complained to her father about it.  He told her she had her own tricks, and just like that Heather started molting, and put all of her feathers under her pillow for the Feather Fairy, who really hooked her up with feather crafts for all of her friends, which as it turns out, is way cooler than 50 cents.

This pretty much explains me in a nutshell.

I digress.

I've been in a feather mood lately.  This week's DIY is a riff on the masking tape feather I created for the Design*Sponge challenge.  I like the idea of using feathers in small vases to take the place of fresh flowers.  I chose my colors based on this beautiful painting of Paris.  The small white vases are a favorite found at IKEA. Happy Weekend!  Tutorial below.

Masking Tape Feathers

Gather your materials:

2" masking tape

Fabric covered floral wire

Acrylic paint

Scissors + paint brushes

Paint the wire your desired color, I chose ivory.  Once dry cut a strip of masking tape about 8-10" in length.  Place the wire in the center, leaving about 1" free at the top.

Place another piece of tape over the top and cut into a feather shape. Paint your feather, I used two tones, gold on the bottom and color on top.  Allow to dry and cut thin triangles into the tape to form a feather pattern.  Voila.