True Love Forever

I moved into a home with a formal living room and a family room. Coming from a smaller open plan house, I didn't have and enough furnishings  for both.  This formal living room has sat mostly vacant, save for a few boxes, for the better part of a month while I cobble it together on a budget.  The majority of our home is kind of "modern farmhouse", not my first design choice, but ultimately what works best with the architecture and our location.  We reserved the formal space, along with the dining room, to be kid friendly, but for adults, with more of a mid century influence. This is where we will host our swanky holiday parties, if we ever meet any new people up here. I was really excited when the giant Dwell Studio circus stripe rug finally arrived, but nothing will ever compete with the restored Eames rocker that I found on Etsy.  It wasn't free, but I know I will have it forever.  The parchment color is timeless and will always work even as my tastes change. I highly recommend CoMod.  

Their work is flawless. They also design their own collection, and I will be visiting their Etsy shop again when it comes time to decide on a coffee table.