Doctor Doctor

I'll be heading out to Rivertown Revival in Petaluma this weekend.  Billed as "The Greatest Slough On Earth" it's sort of family friendly Burning Man. I've never been to the real Burning Man, and I have no idea what I'm in for, but I suspect it will be awesome. For $5 you can get hitched or take your shot at sending your teacher down the dunk tank.  I'm looking forward to taking pictures of the art boat races and the kids in their costumes. 

In the spirit of taking pictures on the go, I thought I'd share a couple of photo editing apps that I recently discovered. The first is Adobe's PS Express.  The free version allows you to run your pictures through a variety of filters, adjust levels, crop and rotate.  In other words its a very basic version of photoshop, no layers, but easy to use and very convenient.  It's a free app, but they do have additional filters and tools for purchase.  I doctored the photos above using PS Express...

The other app I'm really liking is Phoster, which uses templated text overlays as simple as the option above, or more designed, like the image below.  Phoster also has some filters worth trying out.  The best thing about this app is that you can easily create invitations, holiday cards and announcements. I used Phoster when I emailed out our change of address. Super fun for $1.99.