Farmers Market Week: Hail Cesar!

One of my favorite restaurants in the Bay Area is located right next door to one of it's most famous, Chez Panisse, maybe you've heard of it? With it's common table, Spanish small plates, and extensive wine list, Cesaris more my speed.  My favorite dish is their padron peppers.  About one out of ten is very spicy, the others are mild a full flavored.  A healthy dose of olive oil and cracked sea salt make them irresistible. I get them every time they are available at our Farmer's Market. Tonight we made them on the grill, which was a first and it worked beautifully.  Here's the recipe...

Padron Peppers

1 lb of padron peppers

3 tbsp olive oil 

Sea Salt

Heat olive oil in a cast iron or all clad skillet over medium high heat.  Add peppers, saute for 10 minutes until the skins are browned and shriveled.  Crack sea salt to taste and serve immediately.  

Best. Recipe. Ever.