The Axe

It's Spirit Week at school and today is "career day" meant for adorable little children to dress up like doctors and fire fighters.  Jasper decided that he wanted to be a rock star. This is probably a red flag. 

Last night around 9 o'clock I remembered that I needed to make him a guitar.  You are looking at "The Silver Legacy".  He and I made one of these together a long time ago when it was a featured project in Real Simple Family.  I'll recap my current version:

Gather your stuff...

You will need:

1 small shoe box

4 large, wide rubberbands

1 cardboard tube (from gift wrap)

Aluminum foil

Washi tape (Kid Made Modern from Target in the pic)

Circle stickers 

Clear packing tape 

A marker

An X-ACTO knife or some scissors 

  1. I started by covering the entire shoebox in foil.  I sealed the lid with packing tape.
  2. Trace around the cardboard tube on one end of the box, below the lid.  Make two intersecting cuts across the circle, like a plus sign.
  3. On the box top, trace a large circle and cut out. 
  4. Insert the cardboard tube into the incision.  My tube got a little squished going through the hole, and I trimmed it with scissors through the opening on the box top.
  5. Cover the entire box with clear tape to protect it.
  6. Carefully stretch the rubberbands around the box 
  7. Secure the strings on either end with some washi tape, cover with packing tape.
  8. Decorate the tube with marker, stickers and more tape.  I also covered with clear tape to secure the stickers.

Now it's time to rock.