Moving Forward

Moving is really overwhelming.  I've got exactly one month until the truck arrives to take it all away and I'm taking the first steps to getting everything packed up.  Here's my plan:

1. Get the extraneous stuff packed first.  This includes decorative objects (I have a few), fancy glassware, entertaining pieces, china, specialty appliances, books and artwork. I will want to take extra care packaging these up, and as moving goes, you get sloppier as the move draws closer.  I can use the small supply of boxes I've been saving for last few months.

2. Plan a garage sale.  This is a big one. We are getting rid of some clutter which includes furniture, baby items, gadgets and electronics.  I'm organizing a multifamily sale.  This is planned for June 2nd on my sister-in-law's sprawling central Alameda lawn.

To prep for that we have to tackle the garage and make some hard choices.  

3. Book a moving company.  Past the era of leaning on family and friends, this is a must.  YELP makes it a lot easier.

3. Get boxes. I'm ordering eco-moving boxes from ZippGo, which rents recycled plastic moving bins.  These will make the move greener and easier for the movers, and will eliminate the need for box foraging and tape!  Toys, dishes, small appliances, bathroom and bedroom;  they drop off the bins and pick them up a few weeks later, forcing you to unpack. 

4. Schedule moving day(s).  We have kids, and kids do not help with moving.  They're being shipped off to family for a few days.  We're moving on a Friday, cleaning our current house on Saturday and doing our walk through on Sunday.  

5. Mail, Bills, Accounts.  This is my least favorite part of moving, but it can be done ahead of time.  Switching utilities, scheduling cable installation, changing addresses on accounts.  Remember magazine subscriptions!  I don't want the new tenants reading my coveted Dwell.