Plastic Eggs and Paper Grass

I am not really an Easter person, it's usually an after thought.  I'm trying a little harder this year, because I think it's becoming a bigger deal for the kids. We've decided to team up with another family to do a DIY egg hunt at a wooded park up in the Oakland Hills.  The fellas are going early to hide the plastic eggs and the ladies will follow behind with our brunch, the grandparents and the kids.  Our plan is to post up at a picnic table and sink our teeth into hot out of the oven cinnamon rolls, pork sausage and asparagus frittata, washed down with mimosas and coffee. In the early morning we'll give the boys their Easter Baskets. I kind of skip the candy, because Jasper can't have chocolate, plus they'll be getting enough jelly beans and marshmallows in their eggs later on. This year they are each getting a special book, a coveted movie, and little things like sidewalk chalk and play dough.