Getting It Together

I was curious.  I saw people posting sets from Polyvore featuring items that are not in their bank of images, which are limited mostly to fashion.  How could this be? After a little poking around on their site, I found a "clip to Polyvore" button for my toolbar. This may be common knowledge, but in the off chance I'm not the only one who hadn't figured this out, here's the link.







is great for putting together visual inspiration, and I have a board 60 pins deep with ideas for my new house. I wanted to see some of my textile ideas together in one space to figure out what direction I was going in and I wanted to decide what I really wanted the mood of the space to be. A Polyvore set proved to be a little better for that, plus I could spiff it up with text, like creating my own editorial page. You can actually lay out furniture with rugs and console tables and art. This would have been so helpful when I got married, and decorated my first nursery. Perhaps we have too many tools at our disposal, but I just can't get enough.