Cheap Thrills

From top left: colored pencils with sharpener lid, 3 minute timer, flat folding straw hat, French pencil case, Japanese eraser and capped wood pencils, neutral folding reusable bag (recycled).  Pictured below: toy trumpet, library bookends, clear plastic umbrella.

I am not really a dollar store kind of person.  I am however, a Japanese dollar store kind of person.  Here in the Bay Area we have a local chain called Ichiban Kan.  It was recommended to me a few years ago by a couple of girls in the know, so I gave it a shot.  Over time I've picked up some great things like brightly colored plastic elephant watering cans for the bathtub, fun notebooks, art supplies and adorable chopsticks. I took Wylie on little adventure today which included a trip to Ichiban Kan in El Cerrito.  He got a toy trumpet. I got a clear plastic umbrella and some teal library style bookends as well as all the fabulous loot above for under $25.  My favorite find was the hour glass for a stylish "time out".