All Wound Up

I had to retire our Easter baskets after last year's egg hunt. The cheap color woven wood was splitting on both and on one, the handle completely detached.  I was kind of glad to see them go as I'm not a huge fan of that look.  I set out to replace them with something a little more organic looking. Today I picked up a couple of plain wicker baskets and put my endless spools of colored bakers twine to use. I tightly wound the twine around the handle to create a sort of Ikat pattern, alternating red and blue. I started by unwinding a few yards of the twine from the spool, and wrapping around my index and and middle finger, rewound it into a smaller package, easier to manipulate around the basket.  I tied a knot at the base and began winding around the handle tightly, pushing the twine down each revolution to keep the wrap compact.  See pictures below.