Totes by poppyhaus featuring tote handbags

I was pretty worried that I was going to start saying "totes" after watching the New Years episode of Up All Night.  It turns out my husband Adam prefers the term. 

Spring has arrived in February this year, and I have totes on the brain.  I have always carried some sort of tote. I think the obsession either started with ballet bags or later with my first ESPRIT bag...where is that thing? I just love nautical stripes and bold patterns, and the simplicity of the natural woven bag.  Totes are the best because they are so preppy and multipurpose; they look fabulous with both my top-siders and my gold flats.

Just before I had Wylie I splurged and bought myself an orange, leather trimmed Kate Spade tote to be used as a fancy diaper bag.  I had it sent to my house, gift wrapped in the signature green and gold tissue paper, with a personalized message from Adam (written by me) not to be opened until I got home from the hospital. I think the note said something like "To the greatest woman who ever lived". Fortunately he has a sense of humor and understands the concept of a push present, so he named her Katy and she got her own seat in the car. Isn't he dreamy? Totes.