We Built This City!

Pardon the title.  I've been forced to listen to Jefferson Starship's anthem over and over since a visit to the movie theater to see The Muppets.  This year I've been volunteering as an art teacher in my son's kindergarten classroom.  Real art projects get lost in world where worksheets and traced hand print turkeys dominate.

Since my Alexander Girard paint chip experiment was such a hit with big people, I thought I'd scale it down to work with the kids.

Inspired by the city-scapes on Girard's blocks I created a project made from basic shapes (a topic of study in class).

I pre-cut shapes, but left it so that can scale and create their own shapes by hand with scissors. 

This project is great because it is really low cost/low mess.  To make you will need: Several paint swatch colors cut into basic shapes (which can be easily acquired at Home Depot), glue sticks and graph paper card stock. I think they may be nice enough to frame, and will definitely be a keeper pieces. 

I'm particularly excited because I get to talk about my favorite artist, who made textiles and objects and collaborated with designers to make furniture and installations.