Candy Land

I have always loved paper straws, probably because they are kind of preppy with their stripes. Fortunately they've made a comeback in the last few years as weddings have turned into celebratory carnivals and soda shop candy counters and Gatsby picnics including speak easies with men in caps and suspenders...such things require fancy straws. I was recently inspired by a Christmas wreath I saw on the cover of woman's Day (at the grocery store) made from paper straws to look like candy canes. I made my own version to go on the wall above my stairs. Here's what you need: 1 box of 144 paper straws, which I found at Paper Source. A ring of some sort- I used a wooden wreath frame from Michaels, but you could make your own out of cardboard.  Hot glue gun, scissors.  I constructed it in the same way as my Sunburst Mirror, centering four straws on each quadrant.  I filled it in the same way evenly dividing the space until it was filled in completely.  Later I came around and trimmed 2 inches off of every third straw to give it dimension.