Garden State

When we moved to our house in deer country, complete with a eucalyptus grove and rocky dirt, I was intent on putting in a Victory Garden. 

We were(are)at war and I like mid-century stuff and vegetables so it seemed like an obvious thing to do.

I first put what is now commonly referred to as an Urban Farm Garden in wine barrels, but this fall we added a raised bed.  The first seed planting was eaten by all sorts of woodsy varmints and the second round sprouted and then burned up in the intense late October heatwave. 

The inner First Lady in me needs to grow my own food, possibly so that my kids can eat in the backyard and give me more time to drink coffee and glue stuff. So yesterday, possibly in vain, I began round three with starter plants.

I pulled out the last of the tomato crop and planted a more extensive herb garden. We were able to maintain the carrots and radishes from the original planting and now the remaining barrels and bed have red cabbage, cauliflower and bok choy. I'm hoping the third time's a charm.