You Are My Sunshine

I think a bedroom should be simple and peaceful, a place you retreat to.  I tend not to overdecorate my bedrooms, I like to be surrounded by books, and comfy sheets, but our room has needed something over the bed for 3 years, I just hadn't found anything that fit the scale of the space, which is small to be kind.

The Wooden Dowel Project

The wooden dowel project was a sunburst mirror.  I've always wanted one, but I don't really love the harsh metal look in my own home.  I set out to create one using dowels, balsa pieces and a 10" round mirror, all sourced from Blick and Michaels. I mapped out the project and using wood glue, I pieced it together and let it dry overnight. I attached the mirror behind the ring using Gorilla Glue and it was ready to hang. The project took 1 hour for design and assembly, plus time for the glue to dry.  It measures  2 1/2 feet across and cost about $30.