My Grandma Maxine was the original make-doer. She and I had a very special relationship in the sense that I was very interested in learning how to do all of the things that were her hobbies. She taught me how to sew (a few times), rode me on the front of her horse, and enrolled me in golf lessons. She and my Grandfather built a beautiful custom ranch home in the late 70's and decorated it with their mid-century furnishings, some of which I have in my own home now.  She was always a creative inspiration to me.  I saw this wall of eyeglasses at Anthropologie the other day and it made me miss her, I think she'd really like that I have a blog dedicated to the things she also loved to do. 

Right now I'm working on a project using wooden dowels.  I love the natural wood with painted ends.  I'm going in a few directions right now, but I hope to have something finished up this week.  I'm also working on a few new pieces for Jasper Hearts Wren. I'll be doing a post about the new look on our website, new design ideas and our new blog Tongue In Cheek which will feature an interview with Elizabeth Leu, owner of Fiddlesticks in Hayes Valley.