Haunted Haus

We decorated for Halloween on the last day of September.  It's too exciting to wait.  I held a very old fashioned Halloween party years ago and invested in some great pieces that I still use every year. Creepy black widow spiders, crows, haunted tree candelabra, a flying bat and a hairy spider that drops down on you when you walk beneath it.  You know, the usual.  Last year my son and I collaborated on the ghost garland pictured above.  

This year we're making bats...lots of bats. 

It'll function as his seasonal art installment in what has become his kitchen gallery. This project requires the use of printer paper, black markers, fishing line and those useless pennies you keep on top of your dresser. We chose not to use black construction paper, because it looked more "artistic" to color them in.  Simply fold a piece of paper in half, trace the profile of a bat, cut it out, color, attach a penny and fishing line to the top of the bat and hang, hang many to get to really get the effect. To make the ghosts, we used pieces of gauze (you could use cheese cloth) stuffed with cotton, tied around the neck with fishing line. We colored their faces with marker and using a sewing needle, I strung them together with more fishing line.