Real Real Simple

I don't do clutter.  I have a box in my garage that says "Sentimental Pottery" which is full of handmade bowls an old friend gave me, signed "For Heather". In my life everything has a system, whether I follow it everyday or not, I call it "processing" and my husband makes fun of me about it.  However, it keeps things visually uncluttered and preserves my sanity. I thought I'd share a few of these systems today: 

1. When I buy fruit, I remove all the stickers, wash it and always put the apples on the bottom, because they ripen hard fruit.  I have a snazzy fruit bowl that is open on the bottom and allows the fruit to breath.  

2. Mail.  I go to the mailbox and on my way back to the front door I sort it, recycling all the junk. I put all the bills in a folder in my desk. Magazines are put in an oversized wire basket and I recycle the previous issue.

3. I buy everything in one color.  Most of my pottery and decorative knick-knackery is white including a set of dishes and my linens.  All of my appliances are black.  I do this so that when everything is in full use, it all works together.  I LOVE color, but I use it carefully.

4. Menu planning/Shopping/Fridge cleaning.  This happens at the same time. Rotting leftovers take up space and only get pushed further back if they don't leave right away. When making the shopping list I take inventory and pull out the old stuff before the new stuff arrives.

5. I pick a brand and stick with it.  In this house it's usually Method which now offers just about everything.  When everything is the same brand it works together visually and the scent is complimentary (kitchen, bathroom, floors).