I love you Alexander Girard

It's no secret that my favorite artist/designer is Alexander Girard.  When I grow up  I want to be him.  Alas, I own only one textile featuring his work, but it's a pillow with boobies on it, so at least it's a good one.  I have tried to style my house in Girard, Jonathan Aldler kind way- kid friendly, happy colors, tongue in cheek graphic pattern with simple lines. So far I am most happy with the dining area, which features my grandparents 1950's Drexel table and chairs.  I am soon going to be adding their record player credenza and after moving my desk downstairs, I needed some DIY art for the wall. Looking to Girard for inspiration, I made three pieces using a lot of paint swatches lifted from the Home Depot.

I tried to tell a simple story with the three patterns... Sun and Rain make Flowers... All I need is that record player and my sunny yellow Release The Sunbird album will have a nice home. To make, you'll need: several colorways of paint swatches, a punch, some scissors, white paper stock, and a permanent glue stick. Arrange the design before you glue down.  For the rain drops, I made a stencil ahead of time and traced the shape on the wrong side before cutting out and arranging.